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      A Short documentary film about the college of dentistry at the 20 year ceremony , WATCH IT


              The  Argumentation of Msc. thesis under title of (   SEM and leakage evaluation of calcinm-silicate biomaterial as root canal obturation in comparison with other materials ( comparative in - vitro study ) ) in Conservative Department   while propose by  (  Bahra Hassan Ahmed  will be held in the Seminar hall at College of Dentistry / HMU, at 9.00 am .Apr- 23th. 2015 . 

                      The  Argumentation of Msc. thesis under title of ( Correlation between chronological and ages among Kurdish subject in a sample of ( 9 - 15 ) years old ) in Conservative Department   while propose by  (  Mahmood Kanan   will be held in the Seminar hall at College of Dentistry / HMU, at 9.00 am .Apr- 30th. 2015 . 


The curriculum of the college of dentistry / HMU 


Student group name for the scientific year 2014 - 2015 


The schedule of each class of the college for the scientific year 2014 - 2015 

Dear student the lectures , clinics & lab. will start at 8:00 am 11th Oct. 2014 for the scientific 2014 - 2015 , hope all the student will be at college and start studying at the exact time and wish you good luck .

Schedule of the fifth stage student  

Schedule of the fourth stage student 

Schedule of the third stage student 

Schedule of the second stage student 

Schedule of the first stage student


Dear class four & class five students : The summer training coarse will start at 3rd Aug. 2014 for one month duration , the first week will be lectures about case sheet of each department according to a prepared schedules .


The time table,design,examination schedule,curriculum and regulations of degree qualification examination ,click here.The next examination will start at  Dec. 2014.


One day hand on course for (NucleOSS) dental implant 


National Flag Day Celebration 


     We've all heard about  (Viral Hepatitis),and because of                                     


     the seriousness of this disease our college participated in 
     the vaccination campaign by the medical team from the 
     health department of Erbil,  in (Dec./01/2013) and was 
     attended   many of the teachers, staff and students of our college.    


Khabat (xebat) daily newspaper'r interview with the dean of the college (Assist. Prof. Dr. Zewar Qasab) which was published at 3rd Nov. 2013 ,No. 4431 . The interview as it published at Xabat .


The Library of college of dentistry is now available for online search and finding the content of college library by authors, book titles,thesis title search .


 Dr.Dlawer Ala'deen , The minster of higher education and scientific   research was attended the  opening ceremony of the 1st implant symposium that was held by the college of dentistry on  the conference hall of the Van Royal hotel at 19th Dec.2011 see the details 
The postgraduate department of the college hold the poster show day at 24/11/2011 for the proposal of Ph.D candidates .details about the poster day .



Dean Message

Welcome to the college of dentistry /Hawler medical university, our college was established in 1995 and formally start working in 1996 during that time we were involved with university of Salahaddin.

Our college is received up to 70 students each year , the study in the college is 5 years and the student get a B.D.S ( bachelors degree) also our college have the opportunity of masters & doctorate degree in different specialty of dentistry , from 2000-2014 we have:
- 17 Ph.D.
- 130 M.Sc degrees.

Now we have many M.Sc.candidates in all departments of the college . The college has 7 departments , and the teaching clinics which offer all types of treatment by students of 4th , 5th stage ,master & Ph.D candidates so college have good relation with the community, because we give best treatment to our patients.

Dear students : It's important to read & know the Student Regulations & Examination Rules In Kurdistan Universities   Click here

Dental Articles                        
Continuous Education Program
Continuous education committee hold the 1st workshop on Dental Surgical Operating Microscope at May 5th 2011, the attendance was 60 dentists from different departments of the college .
the speaker was Dr.Muhammad from Tekret Dental college and sponsored by Essam company .
The program was from 11-12 am (lecture), a coffee break ,then workshop on manikin from 12-01 pm .
  see the photo

- Application of mini-implant in dentistry .
- LASER application in dentistry . 

 For More information about the schedule of the programs ,contact dr.Zana Qader Omer , the head of continuous education committee. 
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